Expert Witness

An expert witness can play a vital role throughout the dispute resolution process, from investigating and analyzing the situation, to educating litigants, lawyers and juries regarding industry standards, to helping mediate settlements by offering their unbiased view of reality.

Whatever their issue, the high-stakes in real estate problems often obscure the objectivity and ability of litigants to resolve their dispute. Lawyers offer their professional perspective but, however skilled, they are usually not real estate experts. Without the guidance of real estate specialists, their brilliant arguments might only serve to reinforce indefensible positions. Inevitably, some litigants fight it out in court, waiting for judges & juries to dispense justice But without the necessary expertise, how can they expect to make informed judgments?

Hudson View delivers the precision & speed you need whenever you require the right appraisal expert witness for your case. Our professionals can provide reports on fair market value, current market value, industrial appraisals, investment value, land valuation, licensed or certified appraisers, and market value.

We can also be available to opine on property valuation, real estate appraisal terms, residential appraisals, residential appraisers, site value, Uniform Residential Appraisal Reports, Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), vacant land appraisal, and real estate appraisal fraud, as well as related issues.

Our real estate appraisal experts help resolve valuation disagreements. While real estate appraisals are sometimes needed in litigation, there are many other real property issues that arise where a real estate expert witness from Hudson View would help to resolve specific issues.

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