Property Tax Appeals

Local governments will periodically assess all the real estate they tax in order to figure out their Property Tax rate for a specific city, town, or community. When your new assessment comes in the mail, it will list information about your property, such as lot size and a legal description, as well as the assessed value of your house and land.

Your property tax bill will usually be calculated by multiplying your home’s assessed value by the local tax rate, which can vary from town to town.

If you think your home’s assessment is higher than it should be, challenge it immediately. You generally have less than 30 days to do so, though each taxing authority sets its own timeline.

Property Tax Appeal Time Constraints And Filing Obligations

Tax appeals have strict filing requirements and deadlines. Failure to meet these rules and deadlines can mean automatic dismissal of your protest. At Hudson View Appraisals, we get information to clients, answer their questions, and also provide court representation / expert witness testimony, if necessary.

Residential property owners in New York have the right to appeal their tax assessments. Over-assessments can force property owners to pay significantly higher taxes than they should be paying. It may be possible to reduce your assessment, but only if the required filings are made in a timely fashion.

Specifically We Can Help You
  • Analyze the current property tax assessment to ensure accuracy and correctness;
  • Review the implied fair cash value in light of current market conditions;
  • Develop strategies for appealing the assessments, if appropriate;
  • Perform a Property Appraisal, as necessary, to reduce the assessment.

We seek to minimize our Clients’ property tax exposure on the property they own, lease, or manage to the greatest extent possible under state statute and local ordinance.

At Hudson View, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience and meticulous attention to detail, which has resulted in significant tax reductions and tax refunds for our clients.

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